Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Thinning, intentional and not

Today I thinned out the Haikauri turnips, and ended up with a nice harvest of roots up to golf ball sized +. These were planted so recently; was it four or five short weeks ago? They are so sweet and tender and fast growing! I got hooked on them a couple of years ago.

Mother Nature thinned the carrots and chard as punishment for my failure to water the young seedlings over the last sunny week. I am left with two pitiful chard seedlings and only half my carrots. Disappointing after getting them so far along from seed. Well, I know better and have only myself to blame! Now, what to plant in those bare spots ...

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Turnips and herbs

Haikauri turnips are leaping out of the ground, as are the red turnips planted with them. Coming along more slowly are the fall carrots and the fennel and curly kale planted at the same time. No doubt though that it is fall garden time here on the coast.

I have direct sowed all but a few broccoli, and most rows have come up well. I may transplant a plant or two here and there to fill gaps, but overall am happy. Keeping the new seedlings watered is my biggest job right now. I have a bucket full of worm juice and I add a bit to each watering can that I fill. I am hoping for great results.

Other tiny new seedlings popping up are arugula, lactino kale, and chard. I am waiting for my garlic to arrive for planting, and will wait a week more before trying some lettuce seeds. I imagine I will actually pull a few tiny turnips in a week, just to thin them out and have my first taste of fall.

The harvest right now is hot peppers, basil, thyme, and parsley. Quite a flavorful mix!