Friday, December 14, 2012

Seasonal colors

Although my garden is full of seasonal green, it is substituting carrot orange for the traditional holiday red. Here you see this year's unusual broccoli plants, putting out side shoots at the same time as the primary head. These huge, sweet broccoli heads cook up really fast, in less than half the time of grocery store heads that have been in storage. I have to be careful not to overcook, and therefore ruin, them.

I get home after dark now, so the vegetables wait till the weekend for harvest. My basket remains full, every weekend, here in mid December. Especially beautiful this week were the carrots. I love the garden season colors!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

1 x 1 = 4

I have one houseplant. It lives in four pots and is beautiful once a year. Meet my holiday cactus. It gets ignored and abused. In the summer it lives outside, and each time a storm or the dogs knock it out of it's pot and break it into pieces, the pieces become new plants.

The original plant came from a friend 25 years ago. Every year it (all versions in all pots) puts on this show, despite my lack of good care. It apparently has great holiday spirit!