Monday, January 21, 2008

They're here!

Meet the newest members of Soundharvest: Pauline, Louise, and Hilda. They are all huddled together in the single nesting box portion of their new house. They were much happier, eating, drinking and scratching, before my big goofy dog decided to bark at them. Hopefully they all will get used to one another fairly quickly. I was going to wait for a better picture, but I just couldn't stand it; I had to introduce them. The black pullet, Pauline, is a black star. I think the dark red is either a red star or a Rhode Island Red. The pale red with cream is an unknown right now, possibly a buff Leghorn? I'll be able to tell more when I get a chance to really examine each one. They have a few greens from the garden, some feed pellets, and fresh water. They have sand in their run, wood shavings in their perch area, and straw in the nesting box/hideout. I'm using a rabbit feeder mounted on the wire pen to feed them, as it seems to be big enough for only three, and essentially takes no ground space. I also scattered some feed around the sand so they could scratch for it. They marched right in and immediately started eating and drinking. They even found their way into the house and looked around, then came back out. All of this, of course, before the Big Bark incident. I am absolutely thrilled to have them home. They hatched in October, so I think I can expect my first egg sometime between March 1 and April 1. Aren't they beautiful?