Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Too many pears; pineapple guava flowers

Look at all the beautiful young fruit on the pear tree.  This is one of the hardest things for me to do:  thin healthy, perfect fruit when too many have successfully established themselves on the branches.  Last year I had a branch snap off because the weight of the pears was just too much.  Even though I know it is best to just go ahead and cut off at least half of these, I am so afraid that, as soon as I do, birds, bugs, or storms will take the others, leaving me wondering if I would still have a crop were it not for the thinning. . . 
Those amazing flowers on the plant with the dark, glossy leaves:  pineapple guava!  This is the first time they have flowered in my yard, and I am so pleased.  The flowers are spectacular to look at, with thick, fleshy petals and wonderful colors.  I hope they set a few fruit - although I will have to learn how to use/eat the fruit if they do.
Pauline laid her third double yolk egg today.  She clearly is looking for praise and attention!  The baby chicks have moved to the mini coop and the ladies/hens have moved to the new kiwi coop.  Everyone seems quite happy.  The chicks (there now are three, as we added one from the elementary school hatch - I want to be sure we have at least one hen) are hysterical, flying back and forth in the coop, challenging one another in mid air.  Too, too funny to watch.  
Tonight for dinner we will have both a beautiful mixed greens salad and sugar snap peas from the garden, and my first basil harvest to give a fresh seasoning to pasta.  It doesn't get much better than that.