Friday, August 29, 2008

Chicken coup; starting over on fall planting

As you can see, the hens have lost all respect for boundaries, and have taken to strolling up the steps whenever they hear us on the porch or coming out the back door. This IS NOT good. The dog is so disgusted he won't even turn around! Still no eggs from Lena, but I expect one almost any day now. The other girls are slowing down as bit as the light changes and they probably get ready to go into their first molt. We get 2 rather than 3 eggs now at least twice a week.

Remember those lovely collard and kale plants that sprouted immediately from seed a few weeks ago? Well, I ignored them for 10 days while I had company, and in the hot dry weather they all died. I am now amending bed 1 with some extra composted cow manure, as the soil there is too light, and have transplanted some purchased broccoli and collards into place. Kale is my favorite, however, so I need to get some kale plants started, again. The time is now for most all of your fall vegetables! I hope to plant carrots, beets, rutabagas, onions and more greens soon, and at least three types of lettuce in a few weeks when things cool down.

Finally, what is in this week's harvest? Huge beautiful figs and my first sweet potatoes.