Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bountiful berries

I went out looking for a different side of the garden that might reflect the holiday season, and I found  . . . berries.   Big black berries on a sabal minor palm that flourishes in my wet feet bed (and is native to our area), bright red berries on a yaupon holly that doesn't mind wind and salt spray (also a native), and glossy berries on a highly adapted indian hawthorne.  Now if only I had even a smidgen of artistic talent to turn some of these berries into holiday decorations! 

The hens love the indian hawthorne berries, and when they were free ranging they often would get so excited eating them from the shed porch that they would step off into mid air over the bush and fall ungracefully through the bush to the ground.  Being hens, they would then hop up and do it all again.