Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Frozen citrus trees; rooster woes

I thought you might like to see how the citrus trees did in the bitter (19 to 23 degrees for multiple days) cold of last week.  Remember, this was the third extended run of bitter cold this winter, so I knew that there was a good chance we could lose the trees all together.  I am, however, happy to report that it looks like we have lost only leaves and branch tips, and that even the young grapefruit tree looks to have survived.  Here you see the now dead branch tips on the orangequat and the severe cold burn on the leaves and tip of the main stem of the grapefruit.  Amazingly, the tangerine showed absolutely no damage.  If they can survive this winter, while young, I have greater hope that they will make it through future winters as they mature.

Now for the hard topic.  You know how I said that Expresso, the rooster, might have to go if he started getting too roostery?  Well, he now shows aggression whenever we come to the pen, even reaching out through the egg door to try to peck us.  In addition, he is starting to get a bit too rough with the hens, especially sweet, friendly Hilda, who is now almost bald around her neck and showing some feather loss around her wings.  So the verdict?  Expresso must go.  Since we don't yet have a place who wants him just for his beauty and genes, he may need to go to someone who will appreciate his good taste (or is that taste good?).