Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm gonna wash that man right out of my . . . feathers

Yes, Expresso is gone. Rejoice, however, as he is not dumpling meat, but has moved to an even bigger and fancier coop to be master of a larger number of even younger hens. He is not sad. Neither are the girls. Here they are, looking fine and happy and seemingly not missing him at all. Now maybe poor Hilda and even Lou will get their head feathers back. He liked redheads.

The garden is doing absolutely nothing, as it has just been a cold, cold winter and early spring. The vegetables are just sitting there. Here it is March, and we have temperatures in the teens forecast for tonight and tomorrow night. Time to cover the young strawberries again! I will leave the kales and mustards exposed, as they should be able to tolerate even these temps. I hope the young peas will hold up as well. I did fill in the open areas in the pea rows (where I got poor germination) with more pea seeds yesterday, to take advantage of the wet soil. Once these couple days of bitter cold have passed, I hope the new seeds will respond to some spring weather.