Thursday, November 19, 2009

Clusters of red, clusters of tangerine

I'm not much on house plants. In fact, the only ones I have are Christmas Cacti, one red one and three white ones, which are clones of one another. They live out on the porch all summer and fall, and come inside for the winter. The red one is in full bloom right now, and is amazing. It obviously needs to be renamed a "One Week Before Thanksgiving Cactus." Look at the cluster of blossoms!

I have one other plant which is supporting clusters of beauty. My tangerine tree (variety "Juanita"), which is only 4 years old, is groaning under the weight of it's tangerine crop. I especially love what a neighbor said when I gave her a fruit: "It smells like Christmas." You know what, it does. This is a more cold hardy variety, and lives outdoors, planted in the yard, year around. I have high hopes, as it obviously came through last winter, which was bitter cold for our area, with flying colors.