Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mustard's last stand

The mustard (that was supposed to be kale to begin with) just won't quit, and I want that garden space for lettuce or peas. So I have snapped off the top greens and fed them to the ladies for a spring tonic, and have pulled the plants up by the roots. What healthy root systems they had! If things will dry up just a bit, and if the wind will get below 40 knots, I may try to plant some seeds this weekend.

Here are the fab four attacking their snack. Starting with the black hen on the right, beside the bucket, and going clockwise, you are seeing Pauline, Hilda, Lena, and Louise. To combat the ever wet ground in the coop (from what seems like constant rain for the last 6 months), we put down a wheelbarrow load of sand and covered that with a full bale of fresh straw. The fresh, clean background really shows off how healthy and happy the hens are these days. Thank heavens, as they certainly looked ratty during molting this winter! We even have gotten three eggs per day a few days this week!

I checked at local garden and big box stores, and seeds, berry plants, and plant starting kits are out in full force. I especially got a kick out of some new planting kits that contained various combinations of potatoes, onions, garlic, asparagus, and strawberries for spring gardens. I included a picture of one.