Monday, March 15, 2010

Ahhh, Spring!

Yes, despite the constant cold wind, it does appear that Spring actually is on the horizon. Seeds of turnips, lettuces, beets and carrots are all up in neat rows in my vegetable beds. (Check out the footprints of our 80 lb. dog, next to the turnip seedlings. For some reason he can't resist jumping up into the beds this spring. Too cute to kill, however.) A few peas have popped up as well. Cilantro from last years seed heads has made a thick mat in the front ornamental bed. The rosemary that I did not yet prune (bad, bad gardener) is boasting new blossoms beside the freeze dried blossoms of winter. Spring eggs are again perfect for Sunday morning oven puffed pancakes.

Best of all? Bees are coming and going from all three hives. Dolly's hive was especially active this weekend, and put on a real show with hundreds of bees performing an orientation flight in front of the hive, then speeding off to bring back huge loads of pollen. Maybe all three hives actually made it through the long, cold winter without too much loss. I will know for sure as soon as we get a truly warm day so I can check the hives. (My location beside the now cold waters of the sound and bay, with a Northern exposure, has just not been warm enough to break open the hives for a spring evaluation.)

Everything in the garden, except for the ornamental beds full of weeds, just feels good. About time.