Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tomatoes in, I"m out

My 4, yes only 4 this year, tomato plants are in the ground. I planted them in among the lettuces, as the lettuce will be waning when the tomatoes really get going strong. Every year I overcrowd the tomatoes, and so don't get the yield I should. Not this year!

The beans I planted both too early and using year old seed were, no surprise, a failure: two plants emerged from half a bed. I knew better, but can't stand to throw away seed. That bed will be replanted. But not this week, because I am on my way across the ocean, from the Bahamas to Portugal to Spain. The house sitter will take care of all the animals and hopefully harvest some kale and spinach and lettuce. When I get back, the garden, with the exception of that bean bed, should be bursting with growth.