Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The flowers of May

May in my garden is a time for lots of wind (wow, it has blown the peas right off their trellises again this year), and for flowers. The rose campion blossoms are almost neon red. The white gaura are bobbing on their thin, almost invisible stalk, and do look like little whirling butterflies. Stalks of blue rise from the sage bush, and the rain garden sports yellow flag iris.

There is one unusual, and touching addition this year. The Christmas cactus that my Mom gave me a number of years ago bloomed this year on Mother's day, my first without her. I don't know why, but I will gratefully accept this little gift.

The bees are very, very busy, and all three hives have honey supers in place. Although I thought we would have a swarm by now, as two of the hive are bursting at the seams, we have been lucky. For now, at least, all the girls are staying home and making honey.