Friday, October 1, 2010

Breezy with a chance of showers

The forecast for the last two days here was "breezy, with a chance of showers." What we got was days of blinding rain, over 20" in places, and winds of close to 50 mph at my home. Many folks have serious damage, with flooded homes and cars, disintegrating bulkheads, sinkholes threatening foundations, and the like.

We got off easy: a saturated lawn, every ant from the surrounding area moving up into the house, and some damage to plants. Based on the mild forecast, I didn't move plants inside, and lost most of my outdoor pots when they blew over and shattered. I will be re-potting this weekend. Young collards in the garden blew over, and are laying on the ground, but will recover and grow, if crooked. Chinese cabbage leaves are more tender, and not only did the plants blow over, but the individual leaves are full of holes and bruises.

With just some plant injury to cope with, I was very, very lucky.