Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunshine and sharing

I really needed this weekend, especially the warm sunshine and breezes to dry up all the excess water. The hens got two treats: fresh straw down in the run for them to scratch and pick through while keeping their toes (and as a result, our eggs) free of mud, plus some beautiful kale and collard leaves that were perfect, but I decided to share anyway. I can't get over how round and healthy and beautiful they all look!

Now a bit of a dilemma: when I dumped all my extra seeds for greens into one bed early this winter, I didn't expect much. Now I have a beautiful bed full of mixed greens, but the ones that I like cooked are intertwined with the lettuce that needs to be eaten fresh. Guess I will be sorting as I rinse when I take my first harvest from this bed next weekend.