Monday, June 13, 2011

First crop figs!

My fig bush puts out two crops a year, one small crop of HUGE figs, ripening right now, and a later crop of big, just not as big, figs later in the year.  You can see this in the picture: the big ripe fig with small, just developing figs right above it on the branch.  The bush is growing like crazy, and has moved out over the bed and into the driveway.  I have been told that I need to cut it back, but won't be doing that until after all this years figs have been picked and eaten!

This bush is a big producer, but I have to fight the birds for each ripe fig, so end up picking them a bit too green, and losing out on some of the ripe flavor.  These figs (locally called Davis Island) are not the most flavorful, even when ripe.  They are very, very mild, and so are not as mouthwatering as other, sweeter figs when fresh.  They really shine, however, when dried, which concentrates the flavor.  Oh my, better than candy!  I still love them fresh, and picked and ate my first fig on Saturday.  I picked two more this morning, and you see them here.

The other photo is a picture of beautiful, tender green beans.  This is about the 4th picking from the three little rows of beans planted earlier this summer. It has been so dry that I haven't planted any follow up rows, but maybe I will try to flood one bed this week and get some in the ground.  These are Derby beans, and they have produced well and are very good.

Still picking one or two big zucchini each day, but those plants are starting to show signs of drought and insect pests.  We have had plenty of good squash already, so no complaints from me.  I just accept that I will lose my squash to borers as the season progresses.

The backyard food system got to show off some this weekend.  I had some old friends over, and the meal I fixed included a number of items from the garden:  zucchini muffins, zucchini quiche, orangequat marmalade, honey butter, potato salad, fresh sauce for pasta (tons of fresh garden parsley and garlic added to chopped tomatoes),  deviled eggs from the coop, I can't even recall it all.  It feels good to serve fresh food to friends.