Monday, November 7, 2011

The bees pay for my mistake

About 6 weeks ago I found one hive with tons of honey and bees, but no queen. Although it was really late in the season, I made the decision to give them eggs and brood from another hive, in hopes they would make a queen. It was the wrong call. It was too late in the season, and deep down I knew that. But I didn't stop there. I made more bad decisions in each of the last three weeks, as I determined the weather was too windy, too cold, or too rainy to open and check the hive. In retrospect, opening it in any weather would have been better than what happened. Here is what a hive infested with wax moth larvae looks like. It is nasty ugly. I hope I have learned my lessons here. Lost hardware and lost bees. Sad.

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