Monday, October 15, 2012

What's new

Five rows of baby lettuces are happily growing in the garden now, with help from regular watering out of the rain barrels. You see them here. Small red peppers continue to flourish, and, as you see in the basket photo, the arugula is ready! I had my first dinner of pasta with arugula and garlic - it was just as good as it was with the last season's crop. I have put turnip roots and turnip greens in the freezer, plus still have some in the fridge to cook fresh. Turnip greens are not my favorite, but I still was shocked to see that my hens won't touch them!

Where the turnips were harvested I planted garlic, one of my garden favorites. Now I want some rain! My curly kale is big and healthy, and needs a first harvest. I have given away armloads of beautiful basil, and still have more than I can handle.

My fall failure: lactino kale. I planted two rows, and all but two plants have died from damping off (rotting at the base). Clearly I have a problem in this little part of the garden. It is late, and though I plan to plant a row in a new spot, it has been too dry. I need to bite the bullet and drag out the hose to soak the bed and get the planting done.