Friday, January 18, 2013

Citrus and Fungus

My Nippon Orangequat has a bumper crop this year. I have been enjoying the golfball+ sized fruits in both hot and cold drinks, with water and honey. The pulp and juice are like lemons, the pith and skin are edible and sweet, with a little citrus bite. The freeze coming tonight means I must pick the lot today. I'll have to make marmalade!

I had to remove all the broccoli plants and residue from the garden, as a nasty fungus was rotting the stems. See the rotting gray area on the stem, and the white fluffy dots of fungal fruiting bodies emerging? That disease easily could overwinter in any stem, leaf it other tissues left on the soil, so I cleaned it out completely (I hope). I harvested a dozen side shoots first, so nothing was lost.