Tuesday, July 2, 2013


As many of you know, it has taken awhile for tomatoes to ripen this year. They are ripening now, and I have cherry and grape tiny ones, plus orange, striped, and chocolate full sized ones maturing. They will make a daily dinner standby when mixed with the overly abundant basil and daily cucumber harvest.

I welcome them, as it has not been a very good garden for me this spring. The littler dog ate the tops off the pea plants daily, so I didn't bother to react to an aphid infestation that led to their final demise. Despite a strong start, my beans puckered and yellowed, it looks like a virus, and stopped producing after the first few tasty harvests. They have new flowers now, so we will see.

Some seasons are just better than others. I have high hopes for the remaining items I will tend this summer, and for the bounty I will buy at county farms.