Saturday, August 24, 2013

Timing is everything

Switching out the summer garden for a fall garden is tricky. I am trying to fully mature at least one of the edible gourds so I have the seeds for next year, but mildew is killing the plant faster than the huge fruit is ripening. I also am getting antsy to clean out that bed for fall plants. I will try to leave it alone for a bit longer!

My best timing in a good while: I saw a forecast of possible rain last night, and got some broccoli, cabbage, collard, and spinach plants in the ground. Overnight it poured, and they are very happy new transplants this morning. I am really pushing the date with the spinach, it is too early and too hot, but I have high hopes for the others. Today I will plant some carrot seeds; they should already be in the ground and popping up.