Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The tree

So, yes, the original Soundharvest property has been sold. The apples, the blueberries, the figs (which must be ripe right now), the hen house with stained glass, the raised beds and the marsh. It is sad if I let myself think about it that way, so I don't.

What I do think about instead is this tree. It's a live oak,
old and huge and beautiful, and it shades the tiny old cottage at what will be the new Soundharvest homestead. Though not too far away, I will garden in an entirely different microclimate than before. Very dry instead of mucky (the water table is 5 feet down!). In NC and on an island, but closer to the Labrador current than the Gulf Stream, so no where near as warm in the winter months I fear. I have a lot to learn!

BUT, I'm there only on weekends now. Jobs must be worked and bills paid as you know! Bouncing around through friends lovely guest houses and beach getaways. Nice, but unsettled! New adventures are good, and I am smack in the middle of one. This tree though, I know where to find it, and it is mine and I am hers.