Friday, August 14, 2009

Baking bees; drying figs

Right before this week's rain, it was HOT. Here you see all the bees from Loretta's hive hanging out on the front of the hive, as it was just too hot inside for them. In extra hot weather, the bees will bring in water, place it strategically in the hive, and then place bees to fan at the doors and throughout the hive to create bee air conditioning. If you look closely at the door on these days, you can see the bees fanning.

The fig tree is really producing this week. Unexpectedly, most of this main crop is also huge: figs bigger than many plums! I had to cut them into four pieces each to dry them. Aren't they beautiful?

We did get three more gallons of honey last week, and there are two honey supers left on the hives. I need to get them off soon, so the bees can settle down and get their winter stores all set. Look at this beautiful girl ready to land on the flowers from my mint!