Tuesday, August 25, 2009

An in between time

This is, most certainly, an in between time in the garden. It is hot, and buggy, and my energy is waning. There is plenty to do, but nothing that will suffer any more without immediate attention. With the exception of the new green bean flowers you see here, there are no vegetables growing. All the perennial flowers need desperately to be cut back and weeded, but the mosquitoes make that just too unpleasant. Planting of broccoli and kale and other young greens in the garden is a whole week away . . . plenty of time to get that bed prepared.

The fig remains prolific, and beautiful, but I am tired of cutting and drying them, and we can eat only so many a day. My apple bags are working to keep away the birds, and you can see the nice, undamaged apple that I ate today (still a little green, but I could not resist). The orangequats and tangerines are ripening slowly; they look like dark green jewels on the trees. Even the shitake logs have put out a few, tiny, misshapen mushrooms.

So maybe I am the only lazy thing in the garden, and need to find a way to focus on what is growing and maturing in order to regain the energy needed to clean up what is spent. But not right now; I just can't stand the sound of that mosquito in my ear.