Tuesday, September 1, 2009

In the ground, and growing like crazy

Right before the rains predicted from tropical storm Danny, I rushed out and purchased some beautiful, locally grown, broccoli, collards, and savoy cabbage plants. I then ripped out the tomatoes, added some good compost and fertilizer to the bed, and got them in the ground. I know that young transplants need lots of moisture, and don't like lots of sun, so the predicted wet, cloudy weather seemed like a perfect way for a lazy gardener to get a jump on fall, with little effort. I was right! Those transplants already have doubled in size (although this photo, a couple of days old, doesn't show the full change). I am so excited to have new plants in the garden. Of course, I see now that, in my haste, I probably planted all of these too close together. But it is so hard not to plant them all, and I am so weak.

Also shown here are the first baby beans on my later summer planting of green bush beans. They are covered in blossoms and young pods, and are big, fat, beautiful plants. They need, however, to get a move on it. I need to harvest them in the next two weeks, as they are in the lettuce bed, and it soon will be time to get the lettuce in the ground.

Finally: here are the last few cherry tomatoes pulled off the vines as the vines were being pulled from the gound. These are sauteed with a few shitakes from the logs and with the fresh basil that is still abundant. After this I folded in a few beaten eggs from the ladies, and we had an amazing dinner, from our own backyard.