Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Figs and new greens

First, yes I know how to use the words "to" and "too." Sorry for the error in the last post! Now, look at these figs! Already the size of a silver dollar, and it's only April 18. What a spring we came home to.

Here you also see the lettuces and turnips I planted just before we left on vacation. Even with no water they made it through. With a little care now they should take off. Pulled out the fall Kale today to make room for 4 tomatoes.

I fed the kale stalks and those leaves that carried aphids to the hens. They were so happy they stayed out past dark, scratching, nibbling, and chuckling! I still ended up with two packed grocery bags of good kale, so need to come up with some good kale recipes this week.