Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Turnips and greens; more to come

In addition to the huge, thick, tender green leaves of chard that just keep coming, the garden now is yielding small, sweet turnips and mixed salad greens. These turnips, lightly steamed with butter and salt, are unexpectedly wonderful. Salads, just picked, with a squeeze of lemon and some good olive oil, are perfect. This is just a small taste, however, of the yield to come.

I expect to rob some new potatoes from under the plants very soon, and peas are forming on the vines. The first zucchini are just visible. Will they make it before squash vine borers destroy the plant? The garlic plants are HUGE. I wonder how the bulbs look under there?

Spring is in full swing, helped along by two nice rains in the last two weeks. I am very happy about the state of the gardens!