Wednesday, May 30, 2012


My garlic harvest last week was ... odd. The soft neck type had dried up for the most part, so time to harvest! You see them here in a braid. Note how each has a small head, with separate cloves or heads attached to the side. The problem is that the side cloves often have yet another new clove forming inside. So I have mature garlic and young garlic in the same head, a sure cause of spoilage in time.

I removed some of the soft new cloves, and you see them here. No papery skin had formed, so they slipped right out.

The stone bowl holds the few normal looking cloves. They are beautiful! And, finally, with the other naked cloves you see a few of the huge stiff neck type cloves. Heads were dying, but bulb completely immature. Oh well! Pasta with garlic and oil tonight!