Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Look in a different direction

It has been a pitiful fall garden year, and my lack of blogging reflects that. So this morning I looked to the front yard for a new take on things. For the first time since it was damaged by extreme cold a few years back, there are a number of tangerines on the tree. Looks like we will get close to 3 dozen, and they are just turning color. Also turning color is the maple tree. Isn't it spectacular? I planted it for the bees, but it apparently wants to make its own mark.

So, the garden. I left the broccoli plants that had been topped by little dog, hoping they would send out side shoots. Well, they did. She surgically removes each tiny head when it reaches about the size if a golf ball. Sigh. So much for that bed. Carrots do look nice, and broccoli in another bed have gone unnoticed so far. I am late on garlic, but may plant some today. It is beautiful out, and who can be unhappy about a less than perfect garden when the tangerines are ripening and the maple is putting in a show?