Friday, January 17, 2014

After the freeze

The heavy freeze we had last week left its mark on the garden. It dipped down to 17, and then stayed in the 20s for 24 full hours afterwards.

The best news is that the garlic, left unprotected, came through with flying colors. Here is one of the plants, with a new sheen of frost this morning. Harder hit, as expected, was the broccoli. The close up of a leaf shows the impact that a freeze of this level has on broccoli leaf tissue. The main stems are fine and, if left in the garden, would produce new leaves and side shoots in the spring. I'm done with these and soon will need the space, so I'll pull them up this week.

Last, the tangerine has lost all it's leaves, and many branches are beginning to brown. It will be awhile still until I can fully determine the damage. I expect lots of heavy pruning of dead branches will be needed!