Sunday, January 5, 2014


All signs point to temperatures dropping into the teens tomorrow night and staying well below freezing for a couple of days. Knowing that, I picked the rest of my orangequats, my tender broccoli buds and my one cabbage. Although possibly not necessary, I also picked the carrots. They were full size and beyond, and since they are in raised beds, much more likely to freeze than if they were below ground level.

The broccoli plants probably will survive, with damaged leaf edges. They mostly will serve to produce leaves for the hens for the rest of the winter, so I am not concerned. I have no kale this year, but if I did it would be left out, no worries.

My garden was fairly empty this fall, so I don't need to consider a light cover to trap the warmth of the day for the cold snap. The young garlic should do fine on its own, at least I hope so. Maybe I will give them a few inches of leaves just in case.