Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I have to show you the millions of aphids that I found under the leaves of one of the kale plants harvested yesterday.  There were millions of them, covering at least half of the bottom surface of every leaf.  The other plants had no aphids at all.  I did not weigh this plant as part of the day's harvest, as most of the weight would have been aphid.  I found the perfect use for the plant:  I put the whole thing in the pen with Pauline, Lou and Hilda, and they ate the aphids and greens down to to stalk.   I turned aphids to chicken manure fertilizer, isn't that a riot?
Although this pales in comparison to the excitement of a zillion blue aphids, I did plant potatoes yesterday as well.  I put them out front in an ornamental bed that had open space because the trees planted there have not matured.  They are Swedish fingerling potatoes.  I have never tasted them, but I liked the description:  fingerling size, with the texture of baking potatoes.