Monday, March 17, 2008

Fiddleheads and Helebores; honey time

It is hard to believe tonight, with temperatures in the 40s, that this past weekend was the perfect time to work on my ornamental beds.  I moved spirea from the edge of the bed, where it was way to large, into the center of the bed where it can serve as a backdrop for the shorter perennials.   My biggest challenge, however, is the bed on the north side, under the house, in full shade.  I have killed many a hosta there (slugs), and had a dog who regularly dug large holes there in the dry soil.   I am determined this year to make that area into a beautiful part of the yard.  Luckily there already are two plants that are happy to be there:  the holly ferns and helebore in the photos.  Each fern had a number of tightly cured fiddleheads waiting to unfurl this weekend.  That alone is enough inspiration to look for some more shade adapted plants and try to make this bed work. 
It also was a great weekend to check the hives.  Dolly is ahead of Loretta in brood, but both are much further along than I would have expected for mid March.  I added queen excluders and the first honey super to each hive!  I can't wait to see what early spring, wild, coastal honey tastes like.