Sunday, March 30, 2008

First quarter 2008 total harvest

Our total backyard harvest for January, February and March, certainly some of the slowest months of the year in the garden, was 16.075 pounds of vegetables, plus 2 (yes, we got another one today) beautiful brown eggs.  Note this is the first year for one bed and only the second year for the other; each bed has a soil area of 3 ft. x 7 ft.  I have not added herb harvests to the list, but I use fresh herbs from the yard daily.  Check the log at the bottom of the blog to see the daily harvest from our two small raised beds, plus the fruit trees, hens, and bees. 

Now March is going to be a very slow vegetable month, as we are just getting started on the new season's crops, but lets wait and see.  I was amazed at the total for the first quarter, but it goes with my feeling that fall, winter and spring might be our best gardening seasons in Carteret County.