Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Two! Plus figs and potatoes

OK, I promise I won't beat this to death, but yesterday we got 2 eggs! That means both Lou and Pauline are laying. The most interesting part: Lou's eggs are a creamy tan with a semi-gloss finish, while Pauline's are darker, with more of a pink tint, and matte finish! Pauline's is on the bottom of the photo, Lou's on top. I swear I will not photograph every egg, but do expect one more entry: on the day when Hilda joins in and we first get three eggs at once. The other photo is from the young fig bush, already covered in figs. This is it's first full season, so I don't know if these will mature into an early crop, or if it will lose these and set a new crop for later. Finally, I am worried about my potatoes. They still have not emerged. There is a chance that soil was too heavy for what has been very cool and damp conditions, and they have rotted. I will give them a bit more time before I dig in there to see what has happened.