Sunday, April 20, 2008

Summer veges planted

Finally, a break from the relentless wind and from the unseasonable cold.  I pulled up the last of the kale and fed it to the chickens, then planted more summer crops!  I put in tomatoes, hot peppers, 2 kinds of basil, and marigolds, all plants that I started myself under lights in the attic.  You also will see from the photo that the squash and beans have emerged.  I will thin both the beans and the squash to allow adequate space for roots to grow.  Saturday afternoon was a perfect time to plant, as it was followed by an evening of rain as well as a full day of clouds and rain.  This reduced the transplant shock, and should give these plants a boost.  The other photo is of the fava beans that are developing.  This one plant has a great crop, the other plants are very spotty as far as maturing pods.  I need to find out what determines fertilization of the fava flower, as all the plants were covered in flowers, but very weak as far as pods.  This week we got 3 eggs a day for 6 days, 2 eggs one day.  They are truly wonderful.