Monday, April 7, 2008

Peas growing, early planting try

My sugar snap pea vines are starting to take off.  They have grabbed the twine and, despite the horrible winds over the last weeks, are holding on and starting to climb.  They likely will be the first fresh vegetable of spring from my garden.  You can see the late planted lettuces in the background, still small.  Hopefully they will grab hold and get growing soon, because our weather tends to go from cold to hot, with very little warm in between.  I want to harvest some salads before the lettuces bolt.  
This past weekend I made a timely planting of beets, carrots and onions.  I also pushed the season a bit, and went ahead and planted squash, pole beans, and a few flowers.  What's the worst that can happen?  If I lose a few seeds to the still too cool soil, I have more seeds left in those packets.  Oh, and I planted sweet potato slips in a front flower bed.  I hope the vines will take off and serve as a ground cover in case I don't get around to hauling in a truckload of mulch for the bed this spring.  If I get a few sweet potatoes out of it, well that would be a real treat.  The vines will be the backdrop for this amazing little azelea.