Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New members of the household

I didn't mean to get more chickens. Even after I was given 3 fertile eggs, I waited 3 days before I finally made the decision to incubate them. I promised myself if they hatched I would give them away. Then I met Lena and Bunnie, who are now 1 full day old. Look at those faces! Lena is the tiny black chick. Her mom is a barred rock, and her father is an ameraucana. Bunnie is the yellow and brown chick, with the very prominent muff under her chin! Both her mom and dad are ameraucana, and that muff is characteristic of the breed. The cuteness factor in these two is pretty high.

The other photo is a reminder of why to have chickens in the first place. Look at how tall fresh eggs made this oven puff pancake. (Like a giant popover cooked in one pan.) You can't help but want to keep a few chickens when you take this out of the oven, dust it with powdered sugar, and, after it deflates, pile strawberries on top.