Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Citrus blossoms and other things

Yes, for the first time I have tiny blossoms on both my tangerine tree (variety Juanita) and my orangequat (variety Nippon) bush!  These are plants that live outside full time, they are planted in the ground and do not come in for the winter, so this is a big deal.  The blossoms are tiny and hard to focus on, but the picture shows that I am not fibbing.  I am so very excited.  Can you imagine if I get to harvest two kinds of citrus from my Carteret County North Carolina yard next winter?  
Remember the baptisia that I showed emerging from the ground a few weeks ago?  Well now it is entering full bloom. The photo is poorly composed and does not do this beautiful plant justice, but you can see the blue tinted stems and the stalks of strong, purple flowers.  I was able to find the yellow baptisia I wanted, and planted it (variety Carolina Moonlight) yesterday.  There is just something about these plants that appeals to me.
Finally, here is one of the potato plants that had a very delayed emergence, but all are now out of the ground and growing like crazy.  We are entering the time of strong growth of all the vegetables.  Of course that is also the time of strong growth of the vegetable pests . . .